Exchange LicenseExchange of foreign license

Kr. 3.999

Normal price: Kr. 4.999
  • Free of charge introduction
  • Theory unlimted
  • All compulsory theory
  • Evaluative theory tests.
  • Manoeuvre track – No need
  • Slippery area – No need
  • 5 Practical driving lessons on road
  • Payment – 2 times without additional cost or expense
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Statutory LicenseStatutory theory and driving lessons

Kr. 9.999

Normal price: Kr. 11.999
  • Free of charge introduction
  • Theory unlimted
  • All compulsory theory
  • Evaluative theory tests.
  • Manoeuvre track – 4 lesson a 45 min
  • Slippery area – 6 lesson a 45 min
  • 16 Practical driving lessons on road
  • Payment – 2 times without additional cost or expense
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Estimated additional expenses

Medical examination: 300 – 500 Kr. – Doctor certificat.
Photo: 100 – 150 Kr. – Bring Photo to doctor.
Police fee: 600 Kr. – Theory & practical fee.
Administration fee: 200 Kr. – Theory & practical
Practical examination: 1.200 Kr. – 1.lesson warmning up & 2.lesson practical .
Driving Lesson a 45 min  : 350 Kr. pr. lektion – Guaranteed cheapest price
First aid: 800 Kr. – Traffic First Aid Course, consist of a 8 hrs course and is a compulsory course for students taking the normal car license for the first time. ONLY NEED FOR STATURORY LICENSE
Theory book: 400 Kr. – English theory book
Theory Online 499 Kr. – All over Denmark

Price list


Theory (1 years valid)
Manoeuvre track – (4 lesson á 45 min)
Slippery area- (6 lesson á 45 min – valid 6 mdr)
First aid – (8 lesson á 45 min)
Practical driving lesson (á 45 min)


Kr. 1.800,-
Kr. 2.500,-
Kr. 2.500,-
Kr. 750,-
Kr. 325,-

From foreign to Danish driving license.:

If you have been ordinarily resident in Denmark and has a license issued in a country outside the EU or EEA, you must, within 14 days to exchange your foreign driving license for a Danish, if you still want to drive a car in Denmark.

To get exchanged your foreign driving license for a Danish driving license, you must therefore contact you in a citizen in one of the country’s municipalities.

You must bring:

  • A medical certificate issued by your>
  • A photograph (color or b / w):
    The picture will include be shot from the front and other details must be in place before the municipality may approve a picture of the license.
  • Your driver’s license
  • Valid passport
    If you are not Danish or Nordic citizen, you must bring a valid residence permit (or temporary residence permit if you are an EU citizen)

You must bring a translation of your license if your license is not issued in roman letters, or if it does not exist in a translation into German, English or French. The translation must be issued by a translator or a National Police approved translator.

If you do not have a valid passport, you must bring your original, naming or birth certificate and photo identification.

Driving test.
The exchange of a foreign license for a Danish driving license requires that you have to pass a driving test (theory and practical test).

There must be no requirement of driving test by the exchange of licenses issued in the Australian Capitol Territory, Brazil, Japan, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Republic of Korea (South Korea), Russia, Ukraine or Switzerland

Eksperternes Driving School has many years of experience in preparing and organizing courses in safety and security, and is one of Copenhagen’s largest providers of first aid training. Experts Driving School instructors are approved by the Danish First.

Driving School has developed a special traffic-related first aid course which follows the Danish First Council guidelines and in cooperation with first aid INSTRUCTIONS ONLY, we have created a model for the conduct of the courses.

The course consists of 8 lessons of 50 minutes.   The course can be divided into 3 + 5 lessons.:
The 3 lessons conducted as theoretical knowledge instruction with embedded exercises in Basic First Aid.
The 5 lessons conducted with outdoor exercises with the use of cars and traffic accidents.

The course aims

• 3-hour Heart-Lung rescue
• 5 hours with traffic-related first aid consisting of:
• Ratio of traffic and traffic-related accidents
• the 4 main issues • Emergency evacuation
• First Aid-ABC and the vital oxygen transport
• Alerting • Shock
• Psychological first aid
• Hemorrhage
• Main Lesions • Fracture of neck, spine and / or pelvis
• Violations of the arms and legs

First aid for license Completion and evaluation 20 minutes
First Aid course is conducted in Frederiksberg Department.

For more information contact us:

English Driving Course
Teacher: Samí
Mobil : 28 11 61 50

Theory classes: First sunday every month 16.30 at

Eksperternes Traficschool
English Driving Course
Julius Thomsens Gade 7
1974 Frederiksberg C

The following options concerning the payment of license:

  • Choose to pay it all at once.
  • Choose to pay more than 2 times without additional cost or expense.
  • Loans through danaktiv.

Price guarantee:

Nobody is cheaper than us!
If you find cheaper price – in Copenhagen
-The same package with the same content – we match the price, and a bonus for you at kr 500,-
– Without any discussion. The only requirement is that you must prove the lower price in the form of an ad el. etc